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123FlashChat PRO Edition

123FlashChat can add chat rooms to websites in minutes. It is a live chat solution for the high-load chat events, social network, dating site, online conference, etc.


The PRO edition of 123FlashChat is capable to support multiple chat groups, and each chat group may have its unique chat rooms.

Each chat group is independent to each other with its own users, chat rooms and management team, ie., the admin, moderator, and the regular users in one chat group can't see or influence the people in the other group.

Moreover, every chat group can integrate a different external database.



Want to see how independent a chat group is?

Here is a sample:
Group 1: http://host7150.123flashchat.com/groupdemo1/
Group 2: http://host7150.123flashchat.com/groupdemo2/

And you may log in groupdemo1 and groupdemo2 at the same time using different accounts, then you will find out that the two accounts can't see each other.

123 Flash Chat PRO


  Standard Premium Ultimate Groups
PRO (Unlimited Connections) $3599 $3999 $4799


and $100/year to renew

What's the difference between Standard, Premium and Ultimate then? Check feature comparison.


Save Resource

The best part of the PRO edition is that the multiple chat groups only demands limited resource.

Take an ordinary server for example, P4, 2.4G CPU, 1G memory, can host about 500 chat groups (50 users are in each chat group).

Comparatively, with the regular chat server edition you can also start multiple chat servers to create multiple groups, after buying multiple licenses, but the problem is, that will require much more resources of your server and it's definitely not smart.

Save Money

Moreover, purchasing multiple licenses will cost you a fortune while the PRO edition is much cheaper.

PRO: an Ideal Chat Hosting Solution

The PRO edition of 123FlashChat has one group included, then by purchasing extra chat groups you may run chat hosting business.

Each new chat group for one exclusive domain with one IP costs $200, and then $100/year to renew it from the second year.

You can pre-purchase a certain amount of groups and a new license file will be issued to you.

Price: PRO license+ $200/group+ $100/year

Buy Now

What do I get by purchasing PRO?

  • PRO license,
  • Installation and configuration instructions.
  • Installation service on request.
  • Multiple database integration advice on request.

If you already bought a regular license of 123FlashChat, you are welcome to upgrade to PRO edition by making up the price difference.

License Agreement

To prevent pirate use of 123FlashChat, even the PRO edition has one domain limit, but various chat groups can be deployed to multiple sub-domains.

The ISP license can be used by enterprise users, too. And an enterprise will be required to pay $200/group for its subsidiaries or branches.

The branding-free service is not available to the PRO edition, and 123FlashChat license information must be kept.

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