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  • Chat Event Module
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  • Manage Rooms
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  • Multilingual Support
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  • Sign-in/Register Panel
  • Changing Nickname
  • Right-to-Left Input
  • Share to SNS
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  • Windows Live Spaces Plugin
  • Desktop Chat Client Video
  • AI Robot
  • Firefox Add-on
  • Facebook Application

  • Hand Raising

    123 Flash Chat V10.0 optimizes video chat with an additional " assignable mode " for users to join the queue mic list to publish video. Given that the previous video conference mode has substantially aroused users' interest to join the chat and put their cameras on, the new hand raising feature will definitely liven the chat up and thus brings in more users to chat.

    What's more admin can set the yardstick to approve the hand raising requests thus it is an effective way to boost your chat revenue . How?

    How to raise hand to publish video?

    Users can apply to queue for broadcasting video by clicking the "Queue Mic" button.

    After clicking the button, it will lead you to choose your video devices to proceed and then, you will find yourself listed in the Queue.

    And users can click the "cancel" button to stop raising hand.

    Chat admins will be able to approve users' requests to publish the video and admins can authorize 1st,2nd and 3rd video or decline user's request.

    Live Demo

    After the chat admin or moderators approved the request, users' video will be automatically enabled on the appointed position.


    • Admins will need to activate the assignable mode first in the admin panel to enable this feature. Details .
    • Admins can approve users to publish video as the 1st video, 2nd video or 3rd video and move the users that are currently on, for example 1st video to be 2nd or 3rd video.
    • Admins can directly ban the users that are publishing the videos or waiting in the queue out of the room.
    • Users can still click the button to queue for the mic when all three videos are on and receive private video request from others when queuing in the list.
    • Available in HTML5 client only.

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