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  • Overview
  • Powerful Java Chat Server Video
  • Social Connect Video
  • Social Sign-on
  • Linking
  • Sharing
  • Facebook Chat
  • Tweet Chat
  • Virtual Currency
  • Credits Service Video
  • Virtual Gifts Video
  • Credits Payment
  • Membership Upgrades
  • Earn Credits
  • Video/Audio Chat Video
  • Flexible Video Dock Video
  • Cool Video Effects Video
  • All-in-one Toolbar
  • Minimizable Video
  • Separate Video/Audio
  • Public Video Chat
  • Private Video Chat
  • Video Mode Per Room
  • Video Conference
  • Hand Raising Hand Raising
  • HTML5 Chat Client HTML5 Chat Client
  • Mobile Chat Apps Mobile Chat Apps
  • Android AppAndroid App
  • iOS AppiPhone/iPad App
  • Mobile App PromotionMobile App Promotion
  • Powerful Administration Video
  • HTML5 Administration HTML5 Administration
  • Keyword Search
  • Server Monitor Panel
  • Clear all Users' Screen Clear all Users' Screen
  • Customizable Logo
  • Customizable Skin Video
  • Custom Room Logo
  • Upload/Webcam Avatar
  • User Group Permissions
  • Load Avatars
  • Load Profile
  • Chat Statistics Video
  • Moderated Chat Room
  • Invisible Admin
  • Chat Event Module
  • Google/Media/Banner Ads
  • YouTube/Media Player
  • Hide Userlist by Default
  • Avatar Size
  • Username Color Change
  • Manage Rooms
  • Password-protected Room
  • Multilingual Support
  • Manage Filter Words
  • Announcement
  • User IP Detection
  • Chat History
  • Private Chat Request Control
  • Block Private Video
  • Mute Without Notice
  • User Registration Control
  • Smaller Chat Window
  • Branding-free
  • Billing Integration
  • Monitor Chat
  • 123LiveHelp Integration
  • CMS Post Notifier
  • Integration/Single Sign-on Video
  • Facebook Chat Bar
  • Cross Devices Video
  • iPad Chat Client
  • iPhone Chat Client Video
  • HTML Client Video
  • Avatar Chat Module
  • Pocket PC and Banner Client
  • Lite Chat Client
  • HTML Room List
  • General Chat Features
  • IP Ban Range IP Ban Range
  • Chat Software Plugins Chat Plugins
  • Simple Layout
  • Public and Private Chat Video
  • Private Chat Windows
  • PM Personal Setting
  • Foldable Userlist
  • Friend List
  • Ignore List
  • Easy-Changing Skins
  • User Avatar
  • Smiley
  • Better User Interface
  • Advanced Search
  • Multiple Rooms Chat Video
  • Flexible Layout
  • YouTube Video
  • Image Transfer
  • File Transfer
  • Handwriting
  • Play Flash Games
  • Whiteboard
  • Background Selection
  • Predefined Messages
  • Saving Message History
  • User Option
  • User Profile
  • Trigger Profile
  • Chat Shortcut Menu
  • New Message Alert
  • Sign-in/Register Panel
  • Changing Nickname
  • Right-to-Left Input
  • Share to SNS
  • IM Friends Invitation
  • Misc
  • Windows Live Spaces Plugin
  • Desktop Chat Client Video
  • AI Robot
  • Firefox Add-on
  • Facebook Application

  • Video Chat, Webcam/Audio Chat Software

    The most popular feature of 123 Flash Chat is the video voice chat. With the built-in module, chat users can talk face-to-face using webcam and microphone, or take part in video conference or seminars.

    Not only does video communicate information in a quick and convenient fashion, it also is simply regarded as cool and desirable.

    Live Demo

    You may test the video chat with our 7/24 live support in the Chat Demo.

    Tutorial: How to video chat in 123FlashChat?

    Video Chat Software Features

    Admin can enable/disable video or audio chat separately. Details.
    Cool video effects, including animations, masks, photo frames, and color, caption can be added. Details.
    A toolbar is available below video window to dock all the buttons: user interaction, video/audio control, resize or full-screen, etc. Details.

    Users may webcam chat face-to-face.

    Publish one's own video and audio and watch/hear others.
    Flexible video docks: up, down, left, right or popup mode. Details.
    Each video window can switch from pop up / pop in mode separately by clicking a button. and multiple video windows that are attached together can be detached easily.
    The connection will be resumed automatically once getting cut off due to network problems or video server restarting.
    Option: regular users need to request permission to view video but moderators and admins don't have to.
    Two types of video chat: public and private mode. Three types of audio chat: public, private and broadcast mode.
    Option: video windows of the admin and moderator can't be closed.
    Webcam chat, voice chat, text messaging, instant communication, PC-to-PC calling, multiple chat rooms.
    Video window is resizable and draggable.
    One user can view multiple video sessions with different users and the maximum number is pre-defined by admin.

    Option: allow unregistered guests to publish or view video, or not.
    Volume control is available when viewing other's video.
    Regular users can check my video viewers
    The user you're watching now will have a special icon in the user list, different from those who just publish video (while you're not watching yet).
    Avatars, smileys, text style and flash emotion animations.

    How to launch the video chat software?

    1. 123 Flash Chat License & 123 Flash Chat Video/Audio Chat Module
      123 Flash Chat is based on a Java chat server, a Flash chat client, and a bound-in Red5 video server for video chat. Choose a license of 123 Flash Chat based on the expected concurrent users number.
    2. Flash Media Server License, optional
      This is recommended for high load websites.
      Buy flash media server license:
      Flash Media Server Pricing and Editions
      Wowza Media Server Pricing and Editions

    Tutorial: How to configure Red5 for 123FlashChat?

    Tutorial: How to configure Flash Media Server for 123FlashChat?

    Tutorial: How to configure Wowza for 123 Flash Chat?

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